A Cultural Icon


It is seen everywhere, from the TV to the big screen, and in the hands of law enforcement professionals. It’s shape and outline are recognizable to those who don’t even know its name. I’m talking about one our favorite, and one of the most famous handguns, the Glock.

A Handgun Revolution

Named after its inventor Gaston Glock, this firearm was invented in 1982 and has since taken the world by storm. The simplicity of its design, along with its reliability, has earned the Glock a position that few other firearms hold. Most notably the Glock is the firearm of choice for law enforcement or military in countries such as Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Niger, the U.K. and the U.S.: You can find the Glock on every continent.

Part of this revolution in the firearms industry has been the evolution of the Glock pistol and the resulting models and variants. Coming a long way from the early days of the Glock 17, the range of Glock variants now available allow gun enthusiasts to choose a specific model that’s right for them.


With fame comes attention, and the Glock’s rise to prominence has not been without some controversy. As the use of the Glock expanded in the final decades of the 20th century, the Glock found its way to those who used it for harmful or illegal activities. Some then associated the Glock for with thugs, criminals, and terrorists. This controversy sometimes brought the Glock to the forefront of the Gun Debate. However, there’s no denying that the main reason for the Glock’s popularity is its innovative and dependable design. Why else would it be used by police, military, and sport shooters the world over?

Another area of controversy relates to the material from which the Glock is made. Glock’s frame is made from a nylon-based polymer. At first, people scoffed at what was deemed a “plastic gun,” but in reality, Polymer 2 – the high strength plastic developed by Gaston Glock – is stronger than steel. This gives it the added benefit of increasing overall durability.

Handsome Caucasian Military Policeman

Personal Firearm

The popularity of the Glock is the result of the original ingenuity of its design, but its acceptance as one of the most reliable, intuitive and affordable firearms is a result of the trust people place in it as a personal firearm. Glocks are commonly found in gun experts’ lists of the top best guns for personal defense, and there are many beginner classes that use the Glock as an instructional firearm. Because of its status as a cultural icon among guns and its use by professionals the Glock inspires confidence for those looking to own and use a handgun. These are just some of the reasons why it is one of our favorite handguns.