Smile Makeover

Crooked, missing, and discolored teeth affect your smile confidence. For some, they are unfazed by appearances, but others long to correct their smile and boost their confidence. The best method to revamp your smile is through a smile makeover in MI.

Over time, our teeth shift and change based on our lifestyle, health, and the natural aging process. Even though teeth can endure large quantities of stress, they are still susceptible to damage.

A general dentist is available to correct oral health issues, such as root canals and cavities. These procedures correct painful and sometimes dangerous ailments, but they do not always leave your smile looking better afterward. Seeking out smile makeover services in MI will help return your smile.

What is a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover in MI involves improving the appearance of your smile with cosmetic dentistry. Depending on your current smile, a cosmetic dentist will recommend different services to enhance the natural appearance.

Consulting With a Cosmetic Dentist

The first step of a smile makeover involves consulting with a cosmetic dentist to discuss your concerns and desires. Your dentist will recommend services based on your requests, while also providing their expert opinion to achieve the best results.

Your cosmetic dentist considers skin color, face shape, hair color, and natural oral anatomy when deciding on how to proceed with your individualized smile makeover. Cosmetic dentistry can correct almost every aspect of your smile without damaging your dental health.

With today’s technology, your cosmetic dentist will provide you with a preview of your future smile. Most dentists recommend you request before and after images of your cosmetic dentist’s previous clients to ensure you will achieve the desired results.

What Does Cosmetic Dentistry Correct?

Cosmetic dentistry can correct a myriad of aesthetic concerns. Discolored teeth, bite alignment, chipped teeth, cracked teeth, missing teeth, teeth alignment, tooth proportions, tooth length, and issues with the muscles controlling jaw movement are some common issues corrected during a smile makeover.

Before Treatment

Before a cosmetic dentist proceeds with any smile makeover, your overall dental health needs evaluation. All cosmetic dentists begin as general dentists and are able to identify oral health issues.

If there are oral issues detected, your cosmetic dentist will refer you to a general dentist for treatment. After correcting oral health issues, you are eligible for a smile makeover in MI.

Smile Makeover Aftercare

A smile makeover may fully correct the appearance of your smile, but it is your responsibility to maintain corrections post-makeover. Cleanings with your hygienist twice a year and brushing and flossing daily are just a few ways to maintain that perfect smile.

The material used during your smile makeover also plays a large role in its longevity. Speak with your cosmetic dentist about the materials they use and make sure to choose experienced cosmetic dentists for all your services.

For tooth discoloration and decay, your cosmetic dentist may recommend some nutritional adjustments to protect your teeth from future damage. Nutritionists are also available to help discuss a safe diet to maintaining proper oral health.