Volumetric Rotary Filling Machines

Volumetric filling basically stands for filling up of a fluid into a container on the basis of its volume, and not its weight or taking any other parameter into consideration. Usually, such a procedure is used for filling low, medium or high viscosity products. As the case is, volumetric fillers are utilised for filling light liquid products at good speeds and are also put into use for all types of liquids right from water to cream-based lotions.

Volumetric filling machines are pretty much like rotary machines with a production velocity range which can even go upto 20,000 units per hour. These work with bottles of varied shapes and patterns. The bottles can be made of glass or PET.This is one of the quickest and most effective Rotary filling methodologies utilised by a very large number of industrial concerns. Volumetric fillers are very often used in pharmaceutical units as well. These are mechanical or pneumatically operated. In most cases, these have a metallic structure, mostly fashioned out of stainless steel. What is best about them is that they are very easy to maintain and to keep neat and tidy. They are built with bottom up fill assembly and have adjustable volume control facility inbuilt into them. Some units are so structured that they permit simple reassembly and maintenance. The filling speed in each unit changes in keeping with the volume which has to be filled in.

Volumetric filling machines are most suited for a large variety of liquids. These include syrups, honey, water, milk, glycerine, juices, wines, liquor, shampoo, lotion, lubricant oil, essential and cooking oils, edible and engine oils, motor oils, liquid soaps range, cleaning materials, and perfumes and deodorants.

The outstanding advantages of using these machines is that they aid and abet in very accurate volume filling; the volume of the material being filled up can be done so pretty fast and repeatedly; this method is quicker than filling by keeping weight in mind; repeatable accuracy which results in least wastage of the substance being filled up; and this method is most suited for filling liquids with low to medium sticking quality. The filling machines work on two types of principles.The first kind of machines are pneumatic volumetric filling machines which can be operated by the method of volumetric displacement pump based filling system. The second type are manual volumetric filling machines which as the name itself suggests, are manually operated.

The various kinds of filling machines which exist also can be categorised in the following manner: overflow liquid filling machine; viscous liquid filling machine; piston pump filling machine; rotary filling machine; auger filling machine; fully automatic cooking oil filling machine; pressure filling machine; automatic lubricant oil filling machine; fully automatic volumetric liquid filling machine; edible oil filling machine; juice filling machine; syrup filling machine; corrosive liquid filling machine; shampoo filling machine; cosmetic cream filling machine; powder filling machine; liquid filling machine; liquor/wine filling machine; and last but not the least, honey filling machine.

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