Workers’ Compensation Cases

No matter how much you love your job, along with the joys, perks, and benefits (not mentioning the pay check) comes some of the downsides as well. Almost every job comes with some risks and dangers, and if you or the employer are not careful, these can lead to some serious problems with injuries later.

The Michigan Department of Labor requires all employers to take proactive steps in preventing work-related injuries and ensuring a safe workplace. Even so, incidents of work-related injuries do occur and could be a result of some negligence on the part of the employer.

Workers’ compensation law firms across Michigan have seen a common pattern of on-the-job injuries.
According the State of Michigan and LARA Workers’ Compensation Agency, the average settlement amounts in Michigan for 2016 was $59,201.45.

According to many Workers’ Compensation law firms, these are the most common types of Workers’ Compensation cases reported:

1. Slips and Falls or Trips – These claims are commonly made by security staff, groundskeepers and store clerks. This type of injury occurs when an employee slips on a wet floor, or while on the workplace property outside, falls due to snow and ice.

2. Overexertion – Factory and construction workers, as well as police officers often make this type of claim. A muscle is strained or a joint is dislocated due to pulling, lifting, throwing, or pushing a very heavy object.

3. Fall to Lower Level – Such incidents occur among roofers and construction workers when an employee falls down a flight of stairs of off a ladder. There have also been incidents of teachers falling down a flight of stairs.

4. Bodily Reaction – This happens when an individual slips or trips but manages to save him or herself by catching the fall. As a result, a sprained ankle or wrist can occur. This most commonly happens among nurses and police officers.

5. Struck by an Object – Objects falling from the shelf or that are dropped from a higher level can strike a worker and cause injury. This claim is commonly made by restaurant, retail and office workers.

6. Struck Against an Object – Factor and office workers commonly experience this type of injury when they fall against an object such as furniture, barricade, or another stationary object.

7. Repetitive Motion – Office workers typically deal with this type of injury if they are using a computer in a workstation that is not ergonomic and the worker develops carpal tunnel syndrome.

8. Machinery Accidents – Machinery accidents often cause the most devastating injuries, especially if the worker was inadequately trained. The types of injuries caused are mutilation of or crushing a part of the body. This claim is quite substantial in that these injuries result in huge medical expenses.

9. Highway Incident – Workers who file this type of claim are police officers, truck drivers and people who frequently travel for business.

10. Workplace Violence – This type of incident is not restricted to any specific field of work but can happen in almost any workplace. Workplace violence is caused when disgruntled employees or former employees commit violent acts in the workplace.

Additional injuries can occur as well such as back and spine injuries, usually from manual labor.

In the case of machinery and restaurant-related incidents, burns, electrical burns, and even brain injury can occur.