Tactical Fidget Spinner

Do you constantly tap your fingers or your foot or bite your nails? Are you nervous and anxious all the time? Maybe you’re just bored at work or at school and need something to help pass the time. If any of these describe you, then you might need a fidget spinner. These gadgets use ball bearings and can be balanced on your fingers as they spin.

They usually have three parts or branches that rotate around a center piece that houses the bearings. Some quality tactical fidget spinners for sale online can rotate for several minutes, making the time fly by and before you know it, you’re hooked.

How did they begin?

Before a couple years ago, these devices didn’t even exist. The first models were marketed as toys, aimed at giving kids something to do or at least distracting them. As more people started using them, however, they realized that the smooth spinning action was quite soothing. That’s when they started being marketed towards people with anxiety or even ADHD. They are also rather addictive because it’s a challenge to transfer a rotating spinner from one finger to another.

What makes them tactical?

Spinner designers eventually expanded beyond the regular purposes of relieving boredom and soothing stress and decided to go after a new part of the market, tactical people. When you give an object a specific purpose, you make it tactical. All they had to do was to make these devices perform an everyday task, and the tactical fidget spinner was born. Manufacture it from the same steel used for quality knives, give it a tougher profile, and you’ve got a tactical spinner.


As you can imagine, a classroom full of kids playing with these things would be enough to make most teachers consider early retirement, so they’re not always welcome at school. They might also be soothing to you at work, but to the person trying to get your attention as your eyes glaze over, they are incredibly frustrating. Finally, studies are currently underway to determine just how helpful these popular little devices are, if at all.

Calmness and Coolness All in One

This device is not going to replace any of your everyday carry gear or make it into your backpack for your next hiking trip. But it can end up being you’re go-to gizmo at work when you’re staring out the window or need to calm your brain. Plus, if you’re tactical by nature, you’ll end up showing it off to anyone that comes within earshot of your desk, telling them how it can open a bottle of beer or be used to start a fire. You must admit, that’s a cool little device.