Overview of Hawkbill Knives

Hawkbill knives have been steadily gaining in popularity, and like most knives, was once only found as a fixed blade. Those who would like the more pocket-friendly version can easily find hawkbill folding knives, though we do suggest making sure it’s from a quality knife maker.

Anyone who enjoys a unique blade will like the hawkbill, for its wicked appearance and functionality. If you’re not sure what to use it for, it did start out as an everyday carry for farmers, who never carried anything that wasn’t useful.

What is a Hawkbill Shape?

The hawkbill is a shape that has both the spine and the cutting edge curving downward, resembling a hawk’s beak, or a talon. The spine is always dull, while the handle itself is straight. Originally used in agriculture and for fishing, the shape made it possible to cut ropes and lines in poor weather by hooking around the rope.


The concave curve of the knife utilizes the entire length of the blade and requires less pressure to cut. It’s possible to cut items like fishing lines or rope in inclement weather as the curve completely captures the line.

It offers excellent control and can be used not only to cut open boxes but wires as well as rope. The point is extremely sharp, and pierces easily, and retains that sharpness long after the rest of the knife has dulled.

It’s perfect for slashing, carving, and cutting, and is frequently seen as a tactical and combat weapon. Tasks, like opening a feed sack or cutting linoleum, would be quick and easy.


The inward curve can make it difficult to sharpen and will require some practice. The shape also limits it for certain jobs. If you need a food prep knife while on the trail, or out in the wilderness, this is not the knife for you.

Common Uses

We’ve already been over some uses, such as opening boxes, and cutting wires, ropes, lines, and linoleum, but it’s also found another purpose. It makes a vicious combat weapon, and when carried in the reverse grip can be used to slash the opponent.

It must be noted that in order for the knife to be effective, the wielder should have training. Fortunately, there are a number of courses that can be found, and even training videos. Do not put your faith in a tool that you don’t yet know how to utilize.

When you check out hawkbill folding knives for sale, make sure it has a good locking mechanism, and an assisted open. If there’s a possibility of using it for self-defense, you need to be able to deploy it quickly.

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