Trenchless pipe lining is also known as the No Dig method of sewer pipe lining. It basically refers to repairing of a pipe line without any excavation work. Generally there are two ways to trenchless technology. The most commonly used method is Pipe Lining. Pipe Lining is basically a new pipe within your old pipe. And the second method: pipe bursting, which is a new pipe that breaks the outer or older pipe.

In Phoenix, both pipe lining methods are carried out and both methods have received an equally positive response. The working of the two methods is as mentioned below:

Sewer Line Repair

What exactly is Pipe Lining?

In the pipe lining trenchless method, only a small part in one area is dug up so as to access the pipe line. A tube is then coated in resin and pushed into the old pipe. Once the resin hardens, it forms a sturdy new pipe inside the older existing pipe.

In case of any clog in the drain or intrusion of roots (which is the number one cause for pipe line clogs) in the pipe line, the Trenchless pipe lining professionals will first take care of such a blockage before continuing with the trenchless pipe lining process. This method acts as a proof of the miracle of technology which helps us save on time and cost. Opting for this new trenchless technology has these advantages:

a). Time Saving Trenchless pipe lining is carried out in short while. In the span of three hours, the pipe lining process is completed. This time improvement is a massive jump from the traditional pipe lining that took a couple of days to get done.

b). Cost Effective This development in pipe lining technology is extremely cost efficient. You can think of it like a one time payment as it require nearly negligible maintenance cost as opposed to the conventional method of pipe lining.

c). Mess Free With no requirement for any excavation work besides digging the area in one place (pipe lining) or two places (pipe burst), your property remains damage free. As such you do not need to bother about a trampled garden and broken floor in order to get access to the pipe line.

d). Value For Money In case of trenchless pipe lining, you are assured of quality service and get your money’s worth. This proves to be a deal of a lifetime literally, as you are guaranteed at least fifty years of the pipe lining remaining in a workable condition.

When should you opt for Trenchless Pipe Lining?

Pipe Lining is used when the pipe lines are under cement slabs and is the best method in case of pipes that have connecting drains, while pipe bursting is the solution to pipe lines that are cracked or broken.

Since trenchless pipe lining involves the digging of just one small area to access the pipe line, you may wonder if this little digging too can be avoided by accessing the pipe line through the sewer vent or toilet. The answer is most probably not as the pipes in this are twisted and in order to insert the new pipe line, minimal amount of pipe turns are required.

It is because of the ease and simplicity of the trenchless pipe lining method that the residents of Phoenix have forgotten the conventional pipe lining method. Trenchless Pipe Lining is what Phoenix now believes in, as they are aware of its massive advantages over the traditional pipe lining method.