Bathroom remodeling can cost the earth. Or it can be a contained expenditure, depending upon how you approach the subject. There is a lot one can do even if you are not planning to overhaul the complete pre-existing structure in a limited budget. Also, you can go slow in the entire process. One can take one step at a time.

For starters, re-paint the walls. Also keep in mind the utility factor of sales and discount coupons at all times. Stock up on some stuff which may come handy in future. Do pick up interesting stuff on online sales on items like paints, brushes, even shower curtains, bathroom remodeling accessories, showerheads, faucets, accents et al. Even if you do not end up using them yourself, one can easily gift out such ware at any given point in time. Having a stock of such things always helps.


Try to take adequate time out for this remodeling exercise. Compare prices of big stores and smaller ones and even the online ones. Do not make any decision in a hurry. Very often, the same product is available at a smaller outlet at less cost than it is at a fancy one. Keep in mind that granite shops sometimes sell the leftover stone from certain contracts at lesser than the norm rates. Keep your eyes and ears open for such type of deals. Always try bargaining. This works if you are persistent enough even in the case of vendors who have the ‘fixed price’ tag in them.
There is no need to spread out luxury tiling all over the bathroom. One can demarcate spaces for average tiles and then earmark those for fancy tiling. Try your hand at refurbishing and reinventing old stuff. Do not discard away items without thinking through. For example, old steel caskets and trunks, albeit those which are in a usable condition, can be painted in a glamorous manner and kept in a corner in the bathroom as some sort of storage closet. Even old racks for books or shoes can be put to similar use.

Also, if money is a constraint, use a shower curtain in place of installing a full glass enclosure. Use piece parts like mirrors which you do not need in other parts of the house for the bathroom. However, do not cringe on giving them a makeover by re-framing them first, just to have a fresh look in the space.

If you have deft fingers, it always is a point scored in front of friends and relatives if you have some creative item on display in the bathroom. Not only this, it will give you a `feel good’ rush in your veins to have an artistic accent put up on the walls or shelves here. Make a small painting or pick up any of the to-do kits available easily in the market to craft out an accessory like a toothbrush holder or even any other show piece for the bathroom. These are certainly less expensive than picking up a readymade home décor product.