How Often Should I Change My Hydrovane Compressor Oil in GA?

Changing your Hydrovane compressor oil in GA is one of the most important tasks when maintaining your oil compressor’s performance. Anything that runs on a motor engine needs oil. And over time the oil decreases in quality and viscosity.
Unfortunately, many users of air compressors only notice this change when their machines malfunction.

How Important is Changing the Hydrovane Compressor Oil in GA?

Oil plays a crucial role in your air compressor’s functions. It ensures that the machine’s mechanisms do not break apart after many hours of use. Without the lubricating properties of oil, the compressor’s machine-driven components will deteriorate at an accelerated rate until they jam or break apart.

However, the oil itself is also susceptible to the same wear-and-tear that affects the air compressor’s numerous components. It can lose its viscosity over time, which means that it thickens and can no longer distribute itself evenly across the various parts.

Damage to the air compressor follows, prematurely ending the machine’s life. As such, you’ll have to routinely change the Hydrovane compressor oil in GA to extend your air compressor’s lifespan.

Different Types of Air Compressors Require Different Changing Times

This depends on what type of air compressor you use. If you’re using a rotary screw compressor, you will need to change the oil when you reach a certain number of usage hours. This type of compressor is extremely efficient in utilizing the compressor oil, so you don’t have to change it very often.

Track the hours of usage logged by your air compressor, and when it reaches 7,000 to 8,000 hours, that’s the time for you to start shopping for new Hydrovane compressor oil in GA. The reciprocating air compressor requires changes of oil every 3 months.

The best thing to do when you’re unsure about the frequency of changing compressor oil is to ask the machine’s manufacturer. This information should also be available in user manuals that come with your purchase.

Frequently Check Oil Levels

Regularly changing your Hydrovane compressor oil in GA not only extends its lifespan, it also ensures that your compressor is entirely safe to use.

In any case, operating an air compressor without – or with very little – oil can seriously damage the machine. There is also the possibility of the components exploding and spraying fragments.

To check the machine’s oil levels, simply use a dipstick, which you can submerge into the fuel tank. You can determine the depth of the available oil using the graduations in the oil stick. If there is only a little oil left, drain what’s left and replace it with a new batch. And don’t forget to read up on safety issues outside of insufficient oil that you have to be aware of when you own an air compressor.

If you have additional questions regarding when to replace your Hydrovane compressor oil in GA – or any other matters – call us today and we’ll be happy to help. Keep in mind that we also offer sales, engineering service, repairs and parts.

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