Home RemodelingRemodeling a Home is a dream project for a large section of humanity. And, there are ideas galore for it. There can be tens of little little changes one can make into the house just to add in a small dose of glamour to it. For example:

1. One can make what is termed a conversation pit in the living room area. This is a space especially earmarked for sit down talks and entertaining guests. A very unique idea, this makes the whole charm of having people come over scale up to a different level altogether.

2. Attics are spaces for storing. But, more often than not they have some amount of room which is extra. After storing in a space crunching manner, the bit of room created can be turned into a pillow room. This is a small and cosy setup with lots of cushions, pillows and throws which can be used for recreation purposes.

3. The area under the stairs is often left as it is. Utilise this to make a bookshelf or book cupboard with a glass door.     This can be a sliding door for a cupboard into which your entire book collection can fit in a place of pride for you.

4. Have a Treehouse Installed in the Garden Area. This will scale up your decor value in your outdoor section into     another plane. This can be fashioned out of wood and it can be used as a play area for children.

5. The garden shed, which was earlier used as space for storing all garden accessories and equipment, can be put into some other use. Turn it into an artist’s shed where you can have a small studio for painting and drawing. Even if you are not an artist, it can be used as space for spending time doing some other creative work like tapestry or sculpting. At the same time, since it an area away from the main house, it can be a quiet corner to be by yourself.

6. Turn your normal walls into magnetic ones. These can have magnetic boards or hooks in them. Apart from storage, one can even increase the cosmetic value of the house with such a structure.

7. Utilise the dead space above the staircase into making a playroom of sorts. This area usually is an empty space where nothing exists. Create a small space here where you can make a mini play area.

8. One very innovative idea is to do a ceiling makeover and turn it into a Sliding Sunroof. This can be slided open during nights when you are having a party to have the night sky gazing right into the room. Also, during cold and wintry days when the sun is out, it can be slided to have warm sunlight streaming in.

9. Fireplaces are now passe. The latest trend is to have a fireplace with a sitting area on both sides right next to it.

10. The space just beneath the living room ceiling can have a hammock placed across it. Have a small wooden staircase at one corner which leads upto the hammock.