Pipe BurstingPipe Bursting equipment is important in our lives. We mainly used it to replace pipes. There are special instructions that you need to follow when using this equipment. Unfortunately, quite a good number of people do not know how to use pipe bursting equipment. As a result, they often experience problems when they are using the equipment. If you are one of them, you don’t have to worry anymore. We are going to provide you with a detailed step by step guide on how to use pipe bursting equipment.We shall focus on pipe replacement.

Step 1

Find the hole where the Pipe Genie will be placed. This should be followed by assembling the retaining barrier. Timber measuring 4’’X4’’ is used. Remove any debris in the pipe area. The Pipe Genie is usually placed against the embankment.

Step 2

Push the tube inside the pipe. This is done manually using both hands. Once you are through, attach the cable to the tube properly.

Step 3

Pull the cable out and then attach a chain to it.

Step 4

This step involves a very simple activity. All you need to do is to pull the chain through the pipe.

Step 5

Place Pipe Genie frame in the relevant hole. Make sure that the frame is held against retaining barrier as explained in step 1.

Step 6

It is called the assembly stage. You are supposed to assemble the pulley and cylinders that you will be using later on.

Step 7

Place chain around the pulley including the top box assembly. Make sure that the chain is passed in the right position to make movement easier and convenient.

Step 8

There are two things that you need to install over chain; breaking coins and pipe guide.

Step 9

Hook the pulling chain. This helps in blocking. Hook the retaining chain too.

Step 10

Hook hydraulic hoses from actuator to supplied power pack . You should also hook them from cylinder to actuator. Make sure that you do it properly for the best results.

Step 11

Start running the power pack. Once this is done, begin to pull cones into the old pipe.

Step 12

Place the chain into new pipe. This is followed by inserting new pipe into pipe guide.

Step 13

Pull the retaining chain snug and then hook up the boot. At this stage, pipe installation can commence.

Step 14

Start to pull chain until the pipe is inside while the boot is at the back.

Steps 15

When breaking cones emerge from the other end, remove them one by one . This is done by using chain coupler. The pipe guide should be released last.

Step 16

When the pipe comes through completely, take away the pipe boot and get back the chain.

Final Thought

In conclusion, even though lengthy, the step by step guide on how to use pipe bursting equipment is easy to follow and simple to understand. All you need to know is to have the necessary tools and materials. You will not have difficult time when you follow this essential guide. Guaranteed.