If your sewer lines are in need of repair, this isn’t something you can put off for any period of time. Fortunately, the technology of trenchless sewer line repair offers a great alternative to the traditional method that is known for being time consuming and wreaking havoc on your yard. The truth is trenchless sewer repair can save you money and frustration. Here are three ways how.

1. Thanks to technology, your repair or replacement time will take a fraction of the time it would using traditional methods, which results in less frustration.

trenchless-sewer-repairsPrior to trenchless technology being introduced, workers had to spend hours, if not an entire day, digging out a large trench before they could even reach the pipes to make the necessary repairs. Then, when the repairs had finally been made, workers would have to spend several additional hours reburying the pipe line. In addition to taking time and leaving your yard is a mess, this method also requires more workers and heavy equipment for digging, which increases your labor costs.

Trenchless technology has completely eliminated any need for multiple workers and heavy equipment. Instead, one or two people are able to quickly dig a couple of small holes, which a camera can be lowered into and used to identify the exact problem, as well as fix the underlying issue. After the repairs have been made, they can quickly and easily be filled in. Instead of enduring the frustration that comes with the noisy equipment ruining your yard and going for an extended period of time without water, the whole process will be much more simple.

2. By being able to identify the specific problem, you may be able to prevent a costly full replacement.

By performing a camera inspection, technicians are able to determine exactly where your problem is located within your sewer lines. In some cases, they may find that overall your sewer line is in good order and there is just a certain spot(s) that need to be repaired. It almost goes without saying that repair is much less expensive, and considerably less frustrating, than a complete replacement.

3. Opting for trenchless sewer lines can prevent future problems from occurring.

Traditional sewer lines are prone to root intrusion. Anytime this happens, you have to call (and pay) someone to clear out the roots and make the necessary repairs. However, trenchless sewer line repair involves a pipe-lining method that puts an end to any leaks and prevents the intrusion of roots in the future. As a result, you won’t have to deal with the frustration that comes with realizing your sewer line is once again in need of repairs or the cost associated with having it fixed.

If your sewer lines are showing signs that they may be in need of repair, such as backed up drains in your home, flooding on the lower level of your home, or damp spots in your yard, trenchless sewer line repair may be exactly what you need to get the issue fixed without a ton of frustration or spending a lot of money.